Three ways to maximize your bathroom space

Three ways to maximize your bathroom space

Who wouldn't want a bigger bathroom! But expanding the room isn't always an option open to everybody. So what do you do? You look for ways to maximize the bathroom space you already have. Here are three ways in detail to maximise your bathroom space.

Using Light Color themes

This works really well if you have a small bathroom space or any small space for that matter. Soft colors expand your visuals, giving you an illusion of space. So your walls can be in pale, light colors. You can always add a pop of color in your bathroom accessories, for example, your mat, towels or pictures.

Use Glass as a Separator

Most people assume that a shower curtain works fine in small spaces but this is not true; it just takes up more space. That is because the curtains further divide the already small bathroom space into smaller spaces. Using a glass shower door will open up the space. So when you can see the whole room, it makes you believe it is bigger.

Open Floor Space

The bathroom usually needs a lot of storage to keep your towels and vanity materials. However, if you have a wall mounted sink, the space below the sink is mostly unused. So you can make the most of that space and have a wall mounted cabinet which leaves the floor space open. This way, it tricks your eyes into believing there is more space.


You can also use the principle of light to create an illusion of space. For example, you can open your windows to let natural light in or use s skylight. 


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